Support for Elderly & Disabled

In-Home Care for Elderly & Disabled

The State of Tennessee has many openings in the In-Home Care Program for the elderly and disabled. Do you have a friend or loved one who needs assistance to continue living at home? The In-Home Care Program can help provide for this person's care.
Requirements are: being 21 years of age, having a caregiver, and being eligible for Medicaid. Benefits include being able to live at home with family and/or friends, plus the ability to maintain independence and a familiar lifestyle.

Elderly Woman

Services covered include: 

  • Case management
  • Emergency response systems
  • Home-delivered meals
  • Homemaking
  • Minor home modifications
  • Personal care
  • Respite care

The program is administered through the South Central Tennessee Development District/Area Agency on Aging and Disability. The toll-free information number is 866-836-6678.

Seniors: Fight Fraud in Medicare Billing Elderly Couple

Did you know that $1 out of every $7 spent on Medicare is paid inappropriately due to error, fraud, or abuse? This costs all Americans money - in higher taxes, higher premiums, and a decrease of available Medicare services. It is also a dishonor to our elderly family and friends.

The South Central Tennessee Development District's Area Agency on Aging and Disability is offering Senior Citizens help fighting Medicare and TennCare fraud, waste, and abuse. The program is called the Senior Medicare Patrol Project.

The Senior Medicare Patrol Project has a toll-free phone number staffed by caring, knowledgeable people. Seniors or their caregivers can call with questions about the accuracy of Medicare and TennCare bills. Staff members will then follow up to help correct the bills. There is no cost for the confidential service. The number is 877-801-0044.

Property Tax Relief

A website is available for information on Property Tax Relief for Elderly, Disabled and Disabled Veteran Homeowners. Tax relief is available for both City of Lawrenceburg and Lawrence County property taxes. Contact the City at 931-762-4459 for information and documents necessary to apply for relief.