Department Manager Gary Wayne Hyde says, Our goal is to provide excellent service in keeping our city clean. The City of Lawrenceburg Sanitation Department serves both households and businesses with garbage and brush pickup. The department also provides recycling services, working side by side with County officials.


The City collects garbage for about 5,600 residences and 750 businesses every week. Lawrenceburg provides uniform trash cans to all residents and some small commercial establishments. The Department then uses "flipper" garbage trucks to pick up these cans mechanically, providing efficient and cost-effective service.

The City is pleased to announce that the Sanitation Department can now provide residents with roll off debris service. For information on renting boxes and all charges, please call 931-766-0900.

The City collects brush from along City properties using trucks with knuckle booms. These lift the brush mechanically so one staff member can drive and operate the truck - reducing labor and risk of injury - while keeping our City neat and clean.

Curbside Service

The City will pick up brush, bagged leaves, and grass trimmings placed near the curb. Brush limbs should be stacked with the butt ends together. These items are picked up on a regular route system. You may call 931-766-0900 to see when the brush trucks will be in your neighborhood.

Leaf Pick Up

The City of Lawrenceburg Sanitation Department wishes to advise citizens that leaves are to be placed in plastic bags for pick up by the Department. No leaves are to be placed in the gutter, over a storm drain or in the street. Please separate your bagged leaves and brush in your yard near the curb or street. The leaves and brush will be picked up at different times due to changes made by brush grinder contract. We wish to thank everyone for your assistance in keeping the storm drains and gutters clear. Clear gutters help prevent flooding of your property and your neighbor’s property during heavy rains.

Garbage Collection

The City of Lawrenceburg is divided into five wards for garbage collection. View the following schedules for residential pickup:

Garbage Schedule

  • Ward Number 1 - Northeast section, Monday
  • Ward Number 2 - Southeast section, Tuesday
  • Ward Number 3 - Northwest section, Wednesday
  • Ward Number 4 - Central section, Thursday
  • Ward Number 5 - Western section, Friday
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3

The City also picks up commercial refuse five days per week, before residential routes are serviced.

Larger items, such as furniture or appliances, must be brought to the Solid Waste Facility. Remember to remove refrigerants from appliances. If you have questions about garbage collection, please call 931-766-0900.