Old Huldie

Old Huldie


She rolled into Lawrenceburg on September 25, 1928. Resplendent in a coat of cherry red with gold leaf accents, she was the hottest thing that this town had ever seen.

She was Lawrenceburg's first new fire engine, helping City fire fighters save many a life and many a home. She is fondly known as Old Huldie. Years of service have taken their toll, and Old Huldie is now receiving a major facelift.


Fire fighters and the community have raised funds to have Old Huldie restored - engine work, sanding and painting, the works - to her original mint condition. Lawrenceburg Fire Chief Jay Moore says, "Old Huldie is a symbol of pride for our community. We cherish our heritage and revere our old-time fire fighters as local heroes. What better way to honor them than to restore Old Huldie?"