Police Department

Police car in front of building

Mission Statement

The members of the Lawrenceburg Police Department are dedicated to serving the community by providing protection of life and property, as well as promoting safety. Both civilian and sworn personnel of the Department strive to provide a high quality of police services for the citizens of Lawrenceburg through a high standard of professionalism and training.

Community Resources

  • City Court or fine information
    Phone: 931-762-2276
  • Domestic Violence Division
    Phone:931-766-1279 or 931-762-2276
  • The Shelter Crisis Intervention Service
    Phone: 931-762-1115
  • Tennessee Highway Patrol
    Phone: 931-766-1425 or 800-736-1759
  • Tennessee road conditions
    Phone: 800-342-3258
  • Wildlife Resources
    Phone: 931-762-0450 or 931-762-3626
Police Department Building