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Property Taxes can now be PAID ONLINE  as well as by mail or at City Hall.

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The City Administrator's Office is responsible for the collection of all city property taxes and personal property taxes. Taxes are due and payable without penalty from October 1st through February 28th, partial payments are accepted. If payment is not received by February 28th, penalty and interest will be added starting at 1.5% through the end of March. An additional 1.5% will be added for each month that the tax goes unpaid. All unpaid real estate taxes are turned over to the Lawrence County Clerk and Master’s Office for collection 12 months after the February 28 date.

Property tax assessments are made by the Lawrence County Property Assessor and certified to the State of Tennessee. City taxes are figured based on these assessments. If a property owner has questions regarding their assessment, they should contact the Lawrence County Property Tax Assessor’s office at 931-766-4179.

$1.4234 per $100 value - Real and Personal Property
Residential property calculated at 25% value
Commercial and Industrial property calculated at 40% value
Commercial and Industrial personal property calculated at 30% value
Public Service Tax (Ad Valorem) is calculated at 55% value

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