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firetruckThe Lawrenceburg Fire Department offers a complete Fire Prevention Program as a community service. Firefighters bring fire trucks and equipment to pre-schools and elementary schools throughout Lawrence County. The department also meets with local senior citizens' groups to emphasize use of smoke detectors and other fire safety tips.


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Meet Sparky!

firetruck2Sparky is the fire prevention mascot of the Lawrenceburg Fire Department. A remote control Dalmatian in a bright red miniature fire truck, Sparky helps teach children about fire safety. Sparky can blink his eyes, talk, move his head, drive his fire truck around, flash the lights and run the siren, and even spray water!

Chief Jay Moore says, "We teach students to avoid dangerous situations; for example, by not playing with matches. Then we tell them what to do if there is smoke or fire present - to find an adult, crawl out of a smoky room, stop, drop, and roll, and go to the family meeting place. "We also want children to know that fire fighters are there to help them. Many youngsters are afraid when they see a fireman in all his bulky gear, wearing a mask and helmet. They want to run and hide. But we teach them that the fireman's gear helps him carry them to safety out of a smoky or burning house. Sparky and his red fire truck reinforce this training. With a little help from a fire fighter, he can ask the kids questions to make sure they understand what to do. Plus, he's just a whole lot of fun, and schoolchildren can't wait to see what he'll do next! This makes the fire safety program exciting and keeps their interest."

Any school or community club across Lawrence County can sign up for a visit from Sparky. Contact the Fire Department at (931) 762-7327 or (931) 762-9046.

The Lawrenceburg Fire Department reminds everyone of School Safety for our Children.

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