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Abby is a 3 ½ year old German Shepherd K-9 who has been with the Lawrenceburg Police Department since May 2009.  Abby is certified as a Narcotic Detection Dog through N.N.D.D.A. and will soon be certified with U.S.P.C.A.  With both organizations, Abby receives top training on both vehicles and buildings. 


Abby is also good in another field and that is our school system.  Abby is used in our schools as much as possible, not only for the purpose of finding narcotics, but interacting with the children as well.

Abby’s handler is K-9 Officer Blake Grooms.  Officer Grooms has been with the Lawrenceburg Police Department since 2008.  He participates in all of Abby’s training plus continues other specialized training in drug education, prevention, and prosecution.


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